Fresh keeping of fruits and vegetables

Fresh fruits and vegetables are still living organisms after harvesting, and respiratory activity is the main life activity after receiving fruits and vegetables. The respiratory activity of fruits an ...

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Fresh meat preservation

There are three main reasons for raw meat corruption: 1. Microbial spoilage 2. Color deterioration 3. Non-microbial tissue deterioration Fresh meat (pork, mutton, beef, etc.) is always exposed to the ...

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Fresh keeping of cooked food

Several Factors Affecting Modified Atmosphere Preservation of Cooked Food 1. Pre-cooling method (shortening pre-cooling time) 2. Production environment 3. Storage and transportation 4. Packaging mater ...

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Candy preservation

Baked food and pasta are widely used in foreign-born fresh meat with modified atmosphere packaging technology. Baked food and pasta are the main foods in many foreign countries. Therefore, we attach g ...

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