from 2017 to 2018, actively explore and be brave in fighting

In November 2017, the founder of Dasheng settled in Wenqinghui, National Science and Technology Park

In December 2017, the founder of Dasheng founded the prototype of the company

In January 2018, Dasheng Company was formally established in Wenzhou National University Science Park

The first modified atmosphere packaging machine of Dasheng was successfully developed in May 2018

In June 2018, he successfully entered the incubator of Wenzhou National University Science Park

In July 2018, Dasheng's first Taobao enterprise store was established

In August, 2018, he successfully settled in Alibaba International Station and Chengxin Tong

In August 2018, Dasheng official website (www.dashengpack.com) was officially launched

In August 2018, I successfully applied for the 400 national toll-free service hotline

In September 2018, the company's products passed the EU CE certification for the first time

In October 2018, the first vacuum body-fitted packaging machine held hands with "Hengdu Beef"





from 2019 to 2020, forge ahead and win the future

In March, 2019, it was named "Provincial Science and Technology SMEs" by Zhejiang Science and Technology Department

In April 2019, Dasheng's Box Xianbao brand successfully settled in Tmall

In August, 2019, he successfully entered Baidu's purchasing platform

In August, 2020, it passed the enterprise environmental evaluation and acceptance of Wenzhou Ecological Environment Bureau

In August 2020, Dasheng's equity changed, and the founder started a new course

In September 2020, Dasheng shareholding platform was established, and the first batch of equity was received to motivate employees

The first desktop vacuum body-fitting machine was successfully developed in September 2020

In October 2020, he served as the director of Wenzhou Packaging Federation

In December 2020, he obtained four national software copyright patents

In December 2020, Dasheng's second flagship store successfully settled in Tmall

in 2021, there will be no end to excellence

In March, 2021, two packaging machine enterprise standards were passed

In may, 2021, the company's vacuum body-fitting machine passed the EU CE certification

In June, 2021, the company's hand sealing machine passed the EU CE certification

In July, 2021, it successfully entered China Manufacturing Network

In August, 2021, we successfully moved from the incubator of science park to a new factory building of 1,600 square meters

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wenzhou Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research Institute of Huazhong University of Science and Technology in September 2021

In October, 2021, Dasheng products were officially unveiled at Guangzhou Fresh Food Exhibition

In November 2021, we successfully purchased the standard factory building of Hongdi Intelligent Science and Technology City, and completed it at the end of 2022

In November, 2021, the desktop vacuum body-fitting machine obtained the test report of Wenzhou Quality Inspection Institute

In December, 2021, Dasheng's products were displayed on CCTV TV station





in 2022, we will lead the benchmark

In March, 2022, Tang Mengni, the world champion of synchronized swimming, signed up as Dasheng brand ambassador

In March 2022, the first waxberry modified atmosphere packaging machine applied for a national patent

In March 2022, the international XTransfer collection account was opened

In April 2022, the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine obtained the test report of Wenzhou Quality Inspection Institute

In April 2022, the vertical vacuum body-fitting machine obtained the inspection report of Wenzhou Quality Inspection Institute

In April 2022, the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification

In April 2022, a total of 32 patents have been applied for

In April 2022, 10 trademarks of intellectual products have been accumulated

In May 2022, it is continuously updated ....

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