Fresh meat preservation

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There are three main reasons for raw meat corruption:

Fresh meat preservation

1. Microbial spoilage       2. Color deterioration       3. Non-microbial tissue deterioration

Fresh meat (pork, mutton, beef, etc.) is always exposed to the air from slaughter, segmentation to sale, during which a large number of bacteria will be produced. There are also many hidden factors, such as the hygiene of slaughterhouses is not up to standard, the cleanliness of meat stalls is not in place, the spread of some dust, mosquitoes, eggs and other germs and so on. Especially in our vegetable markets and supermarkets, where people flow intensively. Raw meat is more susceptible to pollution. Accelerate microbial spoilage, and change color and deterioration of meat quality.

As the best fresh-keeping technology at present, modified atmosphere packaging can effectively avoid the above problems.

As the saying goes, the pure physical preservation method is more healthy and sanitary, which is conducive to human absorption and life extension.


Modified atmosphere preservation is the use of CO2,O2,N2 and other fresh-keeping gases to change the air in the package, and the precise proportion of various gases can be used to inhibit the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, and reduce the respiration rate of fresh food, so as to achieve the purpose of food preservation and prolong the fresh-keeping period.

Fresh meat with professional modified atmosphere packaging can have a shelf life of up to 15 days at 0~4℃.

Fresh meat preservation

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