Fresh keeping of cooked food

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Several Factors Affecting Modified Atmosphere Preservation of Cooked Food

Fresh keeping of cooked food


1. Pre-cooling method 

(shortening pre-cooling time)

2. Production environment

3. Storage and transportation

4. Packaging materials


Cooked food is a dish made from processed or blanched raw materials through prepared marinade, red oil salad, smoking, roasting, frying, etc.

Generally, it can be divided into five categories: marinated vegetables, salad vegetables, spicy fried vegetables, pickled vegetables and smoked vegetables.

Cooked food is common in all parts of the country, mainly marinated vegetables and salad.

Safety is the primary problem of this kind of food. Usually, cooked food is processed by various heat treatments, such as cooking, frying or baking. Although some microorganisms can be killed, the residual bacteria will still grow and reproduce quickly under suitable environmental conditions, which will lead to food spoilage, especially pathogenic bacteria, which will also cause food poisoning.

The prepared cooked food or catering food which is convenient to eat and has the flavor of the kitchen is very popular among consumers and has a big market. How to develop the packaging technology of cooked food with food safety and industrial production is the pursuit of food processing factories at home and abroad.

The shelf life of cooked food is limited by two factors: microbial reproduction and oxygen sensitivity, so the modified atmosphere packaging of food requires reducing oxygen and inhibiting the growth and reproduction of bacteria.

Modified atmosphere packaging of cooked food uses CO2 and N2 mixed gas to replace air to prolong the fresh-keeping period and shelf life to about 14 days.

Fresh keeping of cooked food

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