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Zhejiang Dasheng Intelligent Equipment Company is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in manufacturing food preservation packaging equipment, including tray sealing machine, modified atmosphere sealing machine and vacuum skin packaging machine.

The machine of our factory produced, are widely used in the fresh-keeping and quality-preserving packaging of meat food, seafood, fish and shrimp, fruits and vegetables, soy and dairy products, pastry and candy. Our products can meet the all kinds of needs of packaging and sealing, etc., and can provide one-stop modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging and vacuum skin packaging solutions for your products.

As a manufacturer with expertise R&D, we adopt the patented packaging technology, the modified atmosphere replacement rate of the modified atmosphere packaging equipment, the mixing accuracy of the fresh-keeping gas, the comprehensive performance of the equipment, and the packaging speed and packaging effect of the vacuum body packaging machine have reached the advanced level.

Our products include small, medium and large-scale fully automatic modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging equipment, etc. The production efficiency ranges from 300 pieces/hour to 4,000 pieces/hour, which can meet the needs of store operation, small enterprise production, large and medium-sized enterprise packaging, etc.  To help our distributors in their marketplace, we manufacture with mode of ODM and OEM, customized food box-type modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging, vacuum skin packaging and ordinary sealing packaging.

Company Profile



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