Candy preservation

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Baked food and pasta are widely used in foreign-born fresh meat with modified atmosphere packaging technology. Baked food and pasta are the main foods in many foreign countries. Therefore, we attach great importance to the preservation and safety of this kind of food, and put a lot of research work into modified atmosphere packaging technology.

There are three types of spoilage of baked food and pasta.

1、Physical deterioration: such as losing its own moisture, absorbing external moisture or losing flavor and taste due to aging, these will affect the product quality. 

2、Chemical deterioration: fat degradation is rancidity, which makes food lose its original flavor and produce peculiar smell. The technical terms are "oxidative rancidity" and "hydrolytic rancidity". This change makes the product unacceptable and shortens the shelf life. 

3、Microbial spoilage Bacteria: Baked food with high humidity, such as bread, is easy to breed a large number of bacteria, because the production of bacteria requires high water activity.

Yeast: If white spots appear in baked food and pasta, or there are problems such as bag swelling, it is most likely the cause of yeast spoilage.

Mold: Baked food or pasta with high or medium humidity. Mold propagation is the main microbial spoilage that affects its shelf life. Penicillium is the most common.

In order to avoid the above problems, we can extend the shelf life of baked goods and pasta, increase the commercial value of goods, and improve the economic benefits of businesses by flushing the fresh-keeping gas of nitrogen and carbon dioxide into modified atmosphere packaging.

In recent years, our country has paid more and more attention to this aspect of preservation, from preservative chemical preservation to healthier and safer modified atmosphere physical preservation.

Variety Shelf life
Bread January to March
Cake March-September
Cakes and Pastries More than 45 days
Fried dough More than 5 days
Mooncake More than 2 months

Modified atmosphere packaging for baking food uses typical gas mixture ratio. When determining what gas mixture ratio is used in a certain baking, it is not only necessary to simply rely on experiments, but also to systematically study various factors that affect shelf life. We in Zhejiang Dasheng have rich experience and professional fresh-keeping schemes to provide one-stop service for customers.

Candy preservation

Candy preservation

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