Fresh keeping of fruits and vegetables

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Fresh fruits and vegetables are still living organisms after harvesting, and respiratory activity is the main life activity after receiving fruits and vegetables. The respiratory activity of fruits and vegetables is to decompose complex compounds into simple materials under the slow action of enzymes, eventually forming carbon dioxide and water and releasing energy.

From the respiratory activities of fruits and vegetables, it can be seen that if the oxygen content in the environment is reduced or the carbon dioxide content is increased, the respiratory rate can be reduced, the production of ethylene can be reduced, and the metabolic process of fruits and vegetables can be delayed, and the fruits and vegetables can be kept fresh. On the contrary, the physiological tissues of fruits and vegetables will be damaged, such as black spots, and even rot, so that they cannot be kept fresh.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is the most effective fresh-keeping technology to prolong the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables. It is characterized by placing fruits and vegetables in a gas environment and a low-temperature environment with a lower oxygen concentration than air and a higher carbon dioxide concentration than air, which can reduce the respiration rate of fruits and vegetables and the production of ethylene, thus delaying the ripening and aging process of fruits and vegetables and achieving the purpose of fresh-keeping.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is to seal fruits and vegetables with breathable plastic film, reduce oxygen by respiration of fruits and vegetables or replace air with mixed gas with low oxygen and low carbon dioxide concentration to establish MAP, and exchange gas with air through breathable plastic film to permeate oxygen and carbon dioxide to maintain the MAP in the package.

After modified atmosphere packaging, the shelf life of fruits and vegetables can be prolonged, and the fresh-keeping time ranges from 14 days to half a year. More high-end appearance and quality. Merchants can carry out long-distance transportation in large packages or sell in small packages.

Fresh keeping of fruits and vegetables

Fresh keeping of fruits and vegetables

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