How to change the accessories of modified atmosphere packaging machine?

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In the case of changing the heating strip of modified atmosphere packaging machine, we should loosen the stability card of machinery and equipment, remove the protective cloth and heating line, then fix the screw, and remove the heating rod after unplugging it. If the adhesive tape is damaged, it must be replaced, and it can be pasted with two layers. Everyone must also pay attention to the characteristics of modified atmosphere packaging machine.

How to change the accessories of modified atmosphere packaging machine?

No matter what kind of electric heating sorting method and feeding and discharging method is adopted, it is necessary to fully consider whether some main parts are imported genuine accessories. When replacing, take off the broken heating piece, remove the air oxide layer of the fixed terminal of the heated wire, and fix one end of the new heating piece on the fixed block of the insulating layer after rotating once. Similarly, it is necessary to fix the other end and tighten the heating piece.

Before changing the air bag of modified atmosphere packaging machine, it is necessary to rotate the spring seat of the machine, disassemble the spring and the heating belt, then the applied air bag can be changed, and the baffle plate is set on the positive positioning pin equipped with the spring to tighten the spring seat. A simple indication is made for the replacement of the accessories of modified atmosphere packaging machine, but this is just an example of some common replacement methods of accessories. For the corresponding professional knowledge of other accessories, you can consult the relevant professional and technical personnel of the dealer. If you want to buy the products that match the requirements, you must not use them in a mixed way. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.

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