How to operate the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine when it has problems?

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Low vacuum pump of vacuum body-fitted packaging machine: such a thing is not conducive to food preservation. Therefore, everyone must clean the vacuum pump, replace the new vacuum pump oil, and clean or replace the exhaust pipe filter device. In case of leakage, shut down the program after the vacuum pump, and check the vacuum solenoid valve, spare parts, vacuum pump suction valve and air leakage around the personal studio.

How to operate the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine when it has problems?

Noise: This kind of thing is very bad for our environment. If the vacuum pump coupling is damaged or destroyed, it should be replaced immediately. Check whether there is leakage, clear the vacuum solenoid valve, and check whether the exhaust pipe filter device is blocked or installed in a reasonable position. Oil leakage of vacuum pump: remove the oil return valve and clean it neatly. If the oil window is loose, take out the oil window and encapsulate it with raw material tape or thin plastic film.

Heating is not terminated: timely adjust the running time and the contact or replacement between the automobile relay and the power socket. If the heating technical DC contactor of the automatic control system is not calibrated, it should be analyzed and repaired or replaced in time. Asymmetry or sealability: adjust the heating time and temperature; The heating accessories should be cleaned and replaced immediately. If the air duct is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to avoid all normal work. Bag running phenomenon: replace or clean the pressurizing valve. When the natural ventilation of the pressurized air supply is blocked, straighten and feed the pressurized air supply. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.

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