what is MAP-modified atmosphere packing

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Today let us introduce what's is modified atmosphere, we also called MAP.

Modified atmosphere storage can be used as a complement to proper temperature and relative humidity management. Controlled atmosphere storage refers to a continuously controlled gas atmosphere, while modified atmosphere storage refers to a gas composition that is initially modified. The gas composition within a modified atmosphere storage will change over time due to the respiration rate of food products and the permeability of the packaging (if any) surrounding the food products . The primary benefit of lowering O2 and increasing CO2 surrounding the produce is the effect it has on lowering the respiration/metabolic rate of the commodity, leading to slowing down of the natural senescence process. careful attention must be taken to maintain a good control on the precise levels of modified gases, since too high levels of CO2 or O2 will likely injure fruits and vegetables. 

Our machine is use modified atmosphere to keep food fresh and extend the life of foods.

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