What if the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine can't be sealed?

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If the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine is not sealed, many common failures will probably occur, which will immediately lead to unsuccessful packaging design and even involve the shutdown of the equipment. In addition to the sound after-sales service, our vacuum packaging machine is equipped with spare parts and equipment manuals when leaving the factory, which explain in detail if the equipment is to be maintained and maintained in application. What should I do if the sealing is not very good in the whole application process?

 What if the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine can't be sealed?

Vacuum body-fitted packaging machine

There is oil in the bag, which is not well sealed. This is not a technical or product quality problem. Before packaging, choose Brinell funnel packaging, sealing or simple practical operation. Heat the temperature sufficiently, adjust the thermometer, and regulate that the plastic packaging bag can be heated for about 2 seconds; Check whether the metal strip set by the insulation layer is damaged. Whether the vacuum pump works normally; The heating cloth should be kept clean from beginning to end, so as to prevent the pieces from melting in the heating cloth.

Check the working pressure of the push cap; Pay attention to the aging of heating wire; If the heat-seal relay of the automobile is broken, it will also endanger this function. You can disassemble and replace the spare parts. How the heating wire touches the copper screw, whether the transformer is working or not; Vacuum packaging machines usually cause various problems due to special reasons of commodities. If problems occur, the following vacuum pumps, heating cables, heat-sealing automobile relays, etc. should be carefully determined. If there are other problems, you can grasp the matters that must be paid attention to in the work of vacuum packaging machine in advance, and formulate preventive measures in advance. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.

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