What should I do if the heater of the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine is abnormal?

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Do you know what abnormal situation will appear when the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine is heated? We know that the vacuum packaging machine can automatically pump out the gas in the packaging bag, and seal the process flow after it reaches the ordered vacuum value, so that a vacuum pump can be generated in the bag, and then the packaged objects can reach the purposes of oxygen isolation, refrigeration, waterproof, mildew removal, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, moth prevention, pollution control, etc., and the storage period and freshness period can be reasonably extended, which is conducive to consignment and transportation! Vacuum packaging machine all stainless steel plate overall planning, operating household appliances.

What should I do if the heater of the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine is abnormal?

Vacuum body-fitted packaging machine

When the vacuum packaging machine is heated abnormally, some customers will show such problems. Generally speaking, there are two key reasons for the abnormal heating of the vacuum packaging machine, one is that the vacuum packaging machine does not heat, and the other is that the heating of the vacuum sealing machine does not stop. Then, how can the actual operators solve these two situations quickly? If you want to solve the problem quickly, the factors that present the above problems must be clear in order to treat the symptoms. Here are the reasons for your in-depth analysis of the problem.

Vacuum food packaging machine does not heat: there is a problem in manipulating the proper ring for heating, so you can replace the proper ring; The bad contact phenomenon of the band switch can be solved by adjusting the lower contact piece; If the central relay of the automobile is not in posture, you can first check the connection line of each electrode, and if the line is connected, replace the automobile relay; The time relay has poor contact, and those who understand it can carry out maintenance for simple problems. If the repair is not very good, the time relay must be replaced.

The heating circuit has a short-circuit fault. Check the short-circuit fault and adjust it. If the heating transformer is disconnected, it may burn out; if it is connected, it may replace the transformer; The internal knot is loose and may fall down. Just adjust it after inquiry. Heating of vacuum sealing machine is not interrupted: the time relay is broken and replaced; The center relay of the car does not return, replace the center relay.

The resistor used to manipulate the heating time is broken, so replace it. The above is a summary of the abnormal situation of vacuum packaging machine heating, and the following is the professional knowledge about heating strips of food vacuum packaging machine, which is expected to be of great assistance to your work. First, there is the quality problem of the heating strip. If you want the heating strip made in Yanzhen, it will usually have to be replaced after one week of application.

The damage of the heating bar is also caused by the fixed sides of the heating bar. Nowadays, many of the heating bars manufactured by our market use copper pillars. In that case, after a period of application, we can simply oxidize the air, which can lead to the damage of the heating bar. The latter reason is the overall planning of the manipulation procedure. The proper heating procedure is to gradually heat the heating belt after pressing it to the sealing line. However, many manufacturers blindly pursue high efficiency and usually heat it before pressing the bag, resulting in the burning of the heating belt. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.

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