Details to be paid attention to when purchasing modified atmosphere packaging machine

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Modified atmosphere packaging machine for fruits is a new food preservation technology. Defensive mixed gas (usually CO2, N2, O2) is used to replace the gas in the package, and various defensive gases have different effects, which can inhibit the growth, development and breeding of most microbial strains that cause food mildew, reduce the inspiratory rate of active ingredients, and then keep food fresh and increase the freshness period.

It is composed of key ultrafiltration device, pumping system software, electrical automatic control system, electrical implementation system software, film cutting system, temperature control system software, heat sealing film expansion system software, optical automatic control system and mold shell.

The following factors should be taken into account when purchasing a modified atmosphere packaging machine for vegetables and fruits:

1. the residual amount of o2 in the package. The specification in the field is that the oxygen content is below 1%, and the lower the standard value, the better.

2. Gas mixing accuracy. The deviation of gas should be less than 2%, if the content is too high, it will cause transformation.

3. Mechanical pump plays a very important role in packaging machine. It is the key to pump the gas out of the small box, and this is the stage of deciding whether the pumped gas is clean or not. If you don't pump it neatly, there will be some gases. Even if the introduced refrigerated gas has high precision, it can't achieve the actual effect of refrigeration. Therefore, the selection of mechanical pump depends on the type of mechanical pump configured by the machine equipment manufacturer.

4. Flatness and firmness of sealing of machinery and equipment to prevent wrinkles or bubbles and avoid steam leakage.

The isolation performance of food packaging lies in its own characteristics, and different foods have different isolation performance. On the one hand, the natural barrier of food packaging ensures that all kinds of germs, dust, light, gas and water in environmental factors are not easy to enter the packaged food. On the other hand, it can also ensure that the moisture, vegetable oil, aromatic ingredients and other main ingredients of the food quality are not easy to penetrate into the outside, so as to ensure that the packaged food is not easily affected.

There are also some food packaging raw materials that should be selective to the natural barrier of gas, such as the packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables. According to the diameter of the raw materials, you can selectively manipulate the inhalation compressive strength of packaged foods according to o2 and CO2, so as to maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

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