What are the advantages of vacuum body-fitted packaging machine over other ones?

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Vacuum packaging, as we all know, many foods that we usually see in shopping malls are all vacuum-packed. However, on the outer packaging of some product workpieces, many of us actually use the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine for vacuum packaging. In order to make the products more beautiful and elegant after packaging, customers can see at a glance that they can use the method of vacuumizing to fit the body.

The difference between body-fitting and vacuuming of the vacuum body-fitting packaging machine is that the product is sealed and then put into the vacuum room of the full-automatic vacuum packaging machine for vacuumizing and sealing. Body-fitted packaging is to select the body-fitted film to be coated on the product after being heated and stretched, and vacuumized during the whole process of coating on the product, so that the stretched film can completely encapsulate the product and show the key points of the product.

What are the advantages of vacuum body-fitted packaging machine over other ones?

    It must be noted here that the body-fitted packaging has high-temperature requirements for objects, and the body-fitted film must be about 100 degrees to have a certain tensile property. The heating form is instantaneous heating, but it also has a certain temperature. If the product is made of plastic and the high temperature resistance is not high, the more you can't apply this machine. We need to analyze the details in depth. Whether the application of vacuum automatic packaging machine or food vacuum body-fitted packaging machine depends on the product packaging regulations and characteristics can't be generalized. Article source network, if there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it.

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