Dasheng Intelligent successfully settled in Wenzhou National University Science Park

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Wenzhou Dasheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in January, 2018. It is a professional supplier of intelligent equipment for modified atmosphere preservation and complete package assembly line solutions, integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It will tailor non-standard modified atmosphere packaging equipment and production lines of different styles and scales for customers according to their requirements, and provide related value-added services.

The company's main products and business mainly include intelligent modified atmosphere packaging equipment and complete set of modified atmosphere packaging equipment with full assembly line, including automatic box dropping system, automatic material loading system, automatic modified atmosphere packaging system, weighing and labeling system and automatic identification and packaging system. The products are mainly used for low-temperature preservation and long-term storage of fresh meat, cooked food, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, fast food, cakes, Chinese herbal medicines, tea and local products. Modified atmosphere packaging, also known as gas replacement packaging, is internationally called MAP packaging (modified atmosphere packaging). The principle of modified atmosphere packaging machine is to use fresh-keeping gas (2-3 kinds of gases are mixed according to food characteristics) to replace the air in the packaging tray, change the external environment of food in the tray, and inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria (microorganisms), thus prolonging the fresh-keeping period or shelf life of food.

The company keeps improving its technical core competitiveness, optimizing its product structure, perfecting its management mechanism, actively introducing technical talents, and aiming at improving customer production efficiency, reducing customer production costs and increasing the added value of customer products, is committed to the design, innovation, development and promotion of new products, and is committed to building a complete set of domestic suppliers of modified atmosphere preservation solutions, so as to meet the needs of our customers with the best quality.

The company strives for survival by quality and development by service, and always takes "emphasizing cooperation and keeping promises" as its aim, and sincerely provides quality service for every user!

Dasheng Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. belongs to the intelligent manufacturing industry. The modified atmosphere fresh-keeping composite packaging machine developed by the company is a new box-type modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine specially launched by our company for chilled meat and cooked food. The basic principle of this kind of packaging is to use high barrier materials (plastic tray and cover film) to isolate food from the outside air, and the tray is filled with mixed gas to keep the original flavor and appearance of the packaged food for a long time, and to inhibit the breeding of various bacteria and microorganisms to the greatest extent. This project is mainly composed of control system, electrical system, pneumatic system, vacuum equipment system, gas mixing system, gas replacement system, packaging execution system and automatic conveying system.

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