What if the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine doesn't exhaust?

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For a general small vacuum body-fitted packaging machine, its working process is mainly as follows: switch under the cover, touch the switch, start vacuumizing, finish vacuuming, seal, exhaust and eject the cover. Therefore, when it is not vented, the cover cannot be opened, and subsequent re-operation cannot be carried out.

 When there is no exhaust, we can first press the emergency stop switch to see if there is any response. If the emergency stop switch is pressed to exhaust and the cover is opened, it should be that the delay plug-in on the computer board is damaged or moved, and we need to replace it accordingly. If there is no response after pressing the emergency stop switch, it can be determined that the exhaust solenoid valve is faulty. For this problem, we need to replace the corresponding solenoid valve. 

If the problem that the vacuum packaging machine does not exhaust gas is not solved in the previous step, it is necessary to check whether the corresponding travel switches, relays and computer boards are normal, and replace or repair them according to the corresponding situation. The deflation solenoid valve is damaged, so that it can't deflate normally. 

Under the action of vacuum, the cover is adsorbed and can't be opened. The solution is to replace the corresponding deflation solenoid valve (if it is a conjoined valve that integrates air intake and deflation, it needs to be completely replaced; on the contrary, if it is separated, it needs to be replaced). Sometimes. When the vacuum packaging machine exhausts (an obvious exhaust sound is heard), but the cover still cannot be opened, the problem may be that the spring (or shock absorber) under the cover is damaged or stuck. For this problem, we just need to replace it accordingly. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.

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