What if the sealer doesn't vacuum?

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Common failures and solutions of sealing machine 1. Low vacuum value: the environmental pollution of oil valve, too little or too thin, clean the vacuum pump and replace the new vacuum pump oil; The pumping time is too short to increase the pumping time; Clean or replace exhaust pipe filter due to blockage of exhaust filter; If there is any steam leakage, close the program after pumping time, and check whether there is any steam leakage in the vacuum solenoid valve, tee joint, vacuum pump valve and sealing gasket near the personal studio.

What if the sealer doesn't vacuum?

Loud noise: the vacuum pump coupling is damaged or cracked and replaced; The exhaust pipe filter is blocked or the installation position is skewed, clean or replace the exhaust pipe filter and install it properly; Check the vacuum solenoid valve for steam leakage and remove it. Vacuum pump: drop the O-ring of suction valve, unplug the vacuum solenoid valve at the pump mouth, remove the suction nozzle, remove the torsion spring and suction valve, gently pull the O-ring several times, embed it in the concave groove again, and then install it. Replace the rotor when the rotor is damaged.

Oil leakage of vacuum pump: the oil return valve is blocked; remove the oil return valve and clean it (see the operating instructions for details); After the oil is loosened, remove the oil window and wrap it with raw tape or thin plastic film. The kitchen vacuum pump has heavy fume: the exhaust filter is blocked or the environment pollution is cleaned or the exhaust pipe filter is replaced; Replace the new oil when the valve environment is polluted; Clean the oil return valve due to blockage of the oil return valve (see the operating instructions for details).

No heating: the heating bar is burnt out and the heating bar is replaced; The heating time controller is burned down (when starting, the two lights are on at the same time, and the color of OMRON light is light yellow), and the time controller is replaced; Replace the heating wire when it is burnt out, and install it firmly; Manipulate the bad contact of the switch in the heating temperature band, repair or replace it; The heated DC contactor is not calibrated, repaired (dirt is blown away by cyclone) or replaced; The heating transformer is broken and replaced. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.

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