What do you need to know about modified atmosphere packaging machine?

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In the daily application of the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging machine, we should regularly carry out maintenance on the machinery and equipment. The maintenance work includes cleaning, tightening, adjusting, lubricating and anti-corrosion of the machinery and equipment. Here, I will specifically introduce the precautions for the maintenance of the packaging equipment for us. Routine maintenance focuses on cleaning, lubrication, regular inspection and tightening. Routine maintenance must be completed as required after the equipment works and works.

What do you need to know about modified atmosphere packaging machine?

Level I maintenance is basically realized on the basis of routine maintenance. The key work contents are lubrication, tightening, inspection of relevant parts and cleaning. ? Two-level maintenance takes inspection and adjustment as the key. It is necessary to actually inspect mechanical equipment components, transmission system components and electrical equipment components. ? Three-level maintenance is the key to inspection, adjustment, fault detection and balancing the damage level of each component. It is necessary to carry out diagnosis, detection and physical inspection on the parts that endanger the performance indexes of machinery and equipment and those with common signs of failure, so as to carry out the necessary disassembly, replacement, adjustment and clearing of common failures.

Quarterly maintenance refers to the monitoring and repair of transportation system software, air compression system (check the lubrication and tightness of air compressor), control technology and other components of packaging equipment before entering the summer and beginning of winter every year. Stopping the use and maintenance means that when the packaging equipment must be stopped for a period of time due to seasonal factors or product demand factors, the cleaning, cosmetic surgery, supporting facilities, waterproofing and corrosion prevention should be strengthened. For the application staff of automatic packaging machine for modified atmosphere refrigeration, it should be ensured that: according to the maintenance guide and technical specification of packaging equipment, all kinds of maintenance work should be strictly observed within the specified cycle time, so as to reduce the damage rate of parts, eliminate the potential safety hazards causing problems and prolong the service life of equipment. The article is from the Internet. If there is any infringement or violation, please contact us to delete it.

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