If you use the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine well, you should know how to use it longer.

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With the gradual improvement of our living standard and the more refined consumption level, it is necessary to protect the products in more detail by the body-fitted packaging machine, especially the vacuum body-fitted packaging of seafood, cattle, sheep and meat products, which has been gradually popularized in the freezers of shopping malls. Because of the excellent visual effect of vacuum body-fitted packaging and the actual effect of vacuum maintenance (refrigeration), it is loved by processing plants, supermarkets and customers.

 It is also a very important technical activity to master the skills of maintenance and overhaul of the body-fitted packaging machine, mainly to make the body-fitted packaging machine better serve many manufacturing and processing plants. From the body-fitted packaging machine to the factory installation, the installation location is clean and naturally ventilated in the production workshop. If the equipment is transported according to logistics, the firm screws of the components of the equipment are likely to come loose, and some components may even be shaken off (the probability of occurrence is small), so all the screws must be tightened again. Precautions for wiring: Pay attention to the working voltage regulation of body-fitted packaging machine, and do not use incorrect working voltage wiring. Pay attention to the switching power supply of the equipment, and make sure that the line is strong enough to reach the load. Otherwise, it will lead to security risks. Pay attention to whether the motor rotation direction of the body-fitted packaging machine is positive or negative. Is there a zero-line live wire protection device? If this phase sequence protector is not installed, attention must be paid to the three-phase wiring to ensure that the rotation direction of the motor is positive. As the body-fitted packaging machine has an electric heating device, it is forbidden to put all dirt on the electric heating device, otherwise there will be a fire accident risk. 

If the wind-induced body-fitted packaging machine is applied, it is also called instant heating type or temperature control type. Therefore, the temperature control of the hot box in mechanical and electrical engineering will do great harm to the natural environment of the production workshop. If there is a standard, a smoke exhaust device can be added above the electric heating box to reduce the harm to the temperature of the office environment. The vacuum system software of the vacuum body-fitted packaging machine is a very critical part. Pay attention to cleaning the vacuum chamber, keep it clean, and don't let dirt such as iron pins enter the vacuum system software, otherwise the service life of the vacuum pump will be greatly shortened. 

The position of transmission system of body-fitted packaging machine should be maintained with grease on time. Two kinds of vacuum pumps are selected for the remote server, namely, rotary foliar oiling vacuum pump and non-oiling vacuum pump. Add oil to the vacuum pump, regularly maintain the amount of oil in the vacuum pump, and immediately fill it to the proper place. Diaphragm vacuum pump vacuum pump only needs to remove and replace the motor carbon brush. When the motor carbon brush of vacuum pump in body-fitted packaging machine is damaged. Our vacuum body-fitted packaging machine has done a good job in daily maintenance and protection during use, which can further improve the reliability and service life of the body-fitted packaging machine. Source, if there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it.

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